SWISSAID is committed to a world without hunger. This goal is at the centre of all our projects and activities. The fight against hunger is more important today than ever to enable all people to lead a healthy, dignified and self-determined life.

Every action that SWISSAID undertakes is aimed at reducing hunger in our partner countries. We want to ensure food security for the rural population through sustainable agriculture and high-quality seeds. These tools are efficient and accessible means of strengthening their resilience to climate change. Sometimes the full force of climate change hits population groups already weakened by poverty. In these cases, SWISSAID not only provides long-term support but also targeted and effective emergency aid for people in precarious situations.

In rural areas, women play an especially important role in combating hunger: they bring up the children, organise the household and work in the fields to feed their families. They also sell surpluses for additional income. It is therefore important that women have a strong position in society and are recognised as equal to men.

In some of the regions in which we operate, mining is one of the most important sources of income for the population. In order not to criminalise artisanal mining, but to improve the social and environmental conditions in these areas, SWISSAID is implementing its efforts through responsible mining projects.

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