Black and white picture of a manifestation, a man holding a sign
Black and white picture of a manifestation, a man holding a sign


Motivated, committed people who have had enough of just looking on and would rather do something themselves against poverty, hunger or oppression: this is SWISSAID Zurich. The newly founded Association is mixing up the development policy scene in Zurich with quirky initiatives and heated discussions.

Can’t we start putting  the subject of hunger behind us? What has gold mining in Africa to do with us? How does what I buy affect global poverty? Lively discussions between experts from Africa, Asia, America or Europe, activists, entrepreneurs and students, quirky development policy campaigns and initiatives – all this is on SWISSAID Zurich’s agenda.

The Association, which was founded at the end of 2017, works to inform and raise awareness among the general public in Zurich. Although legally independent, it is financially supported by the SWISSAID Foundation and shares the same aims – fighting hunger, poverty and exploitation. SWISSAID Zurich provides information about major global challenges and structures of flawed development or underdevelopment and gives a voice to people from the countries of the South.

Better than clenching your fist!

We are looking for more enthusiastic accomplices. Membership of SWISSAID Zurich means

  • meeting about once a month to plan and implement exciting projects that deal with the North-South problem
  • using your professional and personal skills, your time and energy to build a fairer world.

Write to us, visit us on Instagram, Facebook or just drop by. We look forward to hearing from you!

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