Sufosec, an acronym for Sustainable Food System and Empowered Community, is an alliance of six Swiss NGOs active in development policy. Created in 2020, the alliance aims to build synergies between the 6 NGOs around one main theme: fighting malnutrition and hunger by strengthening local food systems and thus the resilience of communities. It is active in about 30 countries with 462 projects.

Our mission

Projects aimed at strengthening and implementing shorter supply chains, local agro-ecological production, climate change adaptation and participatory research are at the heart of Sufosec, the Alliance for Sustainable Food in the World.

The Alliance’s goal is to provide sufficient and safe food by the end of 2024 and thus reduce malnutrition and hunger by 20%.

You can find more information on the Alliance website.

The alliance partners

Sufosec is an alliance between the following six NGOs: