In Myanmar, SWISSAID is promoting a strong civil society. Only in this way will peaceful and sustainable development be possible.

In Myanmar, we are working with local civil society organisations and rural communities to provide smallholder families with a better and more resilient livelihood. Agroecological agriculture, improved market access for small producers, better secured forest use rights and the promotion of social responsibility are helping to achieve this. Gender equality and the empowerment of women are central elements.


In the country since:
Kachin, Southern Shan
Rank in the Human Development Index:
149 out of 191
Current Projects:
Annual budget:
CHF 2,113,401 - The Myanmar country program is co-financed by the SDC program contribution.


  • Smallholder families can significantly improve their livelihoods, and their ownership of farmland and rights to use forests are secured.
  • Agroecological farming is promoted and the social, economic and climatic resilience of smallholder families is strengthened.
  • Gender equality is promoted and women participate more in decision-making in their communities.

Note: Largely unnoticed by the international audience, a humanitarian tragedy is unfolding in Myanmar. After the Corona pandemic hit the country hard, the military takeover led to nationwide non-violent protests against the takeover and armed clashes. Since then, the economic situation has declined dramatically, and large segments of the population have slipped into absolute poverty. More than one million people have been forced to flee their villages and towns and are seeking shelter as internally displaced persons in other parts of the country.