A legacy to a charitable organisation is a very special kind of gift. With it, you are setting an example for the next generation and making a fresh statement about what is close to your heart. At the same time, you are making your wishes clear – for yourself and your relatives.


Inheritance, legacy, donation

  • With a residuary legacy, you appoint SWISSAID as your co-heir. Within the scope of the divisible portion you can bequeath us a certain percentage of your estate.
  • A pecuniary legacy is a fixed amount specified in your will.
  • With a major gift in your lifetime, you are supporting our work even before the division of your estate.

SWISSAID is a recognised non-profit organisation and is therefore exempt from inheritance tax.

What is especially close to your heart?

However you choose to make it – your very special gift can flow into our specially established Fund for the Future. Through this fund, you can support projects particularly focused on the long term.

Or is there an issue that is particularly close to your heart? Women, water, hunger: whichever fund you choose. your estate will be in good hands and you can be sure that you will achieve good things with it.

Settle a matter close to your heart

One advantage of settling your estate during your lifetime is that you can decide yourself who is to benefit. In addition, a valid Will avoids disputes among your heirs. Write to us or call us – we will treat your request with the utmost discretion and will be happy to answer all your questions.