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GRID, July, 15. 2022 | Russia’s bright, shiny anti-sanctions weapon: Inside the billion-dollar business of ‘blood gold’. Why Russian President Vladimir Putin went on a gold-buying spree before invading Ukraine.

Swissinfo, 17th May 2022 The article highlights the finding of the gold study of SWISSAID, which is among other things,  that Switzerland has recorded a significant increase in gold imports from the United Arab Emirates since the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

Swissinfo, 30th March 2022 Swissinfo highlights SWISSAID’s work regarding the published report mapping over 100 business relationships between African industrial gold mines and refineries around the world.

Swissinfo, January 31, 2022 | Amid growing concern about whether a world battered by climate change will be able to produce enough food to feed the planet, genome editing has been touted as part of the solution in many countries including Switzerland. But an outdated patent system threatens to stifle its potential and put more power in the hands of big business.



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