Against domestic violence and for small-scale agro-ecological farming: the priorities for SWISSAID’s activity

Smallholder families, indigenous people, young people, women: In India, SWISSAID stands up in particular for those who hope in vain for help from the State. Smallholder families are arming themselves against the climate crisis with agro-ecology – and village communities are combating domestic violence. Our experience shows that sensitising the poorest of the poor to their rights and strengths can leverage government development projects worth millions.


In the country since:
Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka
Rank in the Human Development Index:
132 out of 191
Current Projects:
Annual budget:
CHF 1,573,575


  • Small farming communities become less vulnerable to the climate crisis and strengthen their livelihoods.
  • Civil society generate evidence about the benefits of agroecology and engage in dialogue with stakeholders for scaling-up interventions
  • Village communities stop sanctioning gender discrimination – which is the cause of domestic violence against women.
  • Civil society and state players offer coordinated support to women who have survived domestic violence, and gender equality is promoted.

The India country program is co-financed by the SDC program contribution.