Over the past 12 months, SWISSAID approved CHF 11.7 million francs for projects in the nine countries of the Southern Hemisphere, and implemented these to benefit the poorest members of society together with our local SWISSAID offices and partner organisations.

The income from fundraising campaigns in 2019 was CHF 11.2 million.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) contributed 35 % of SWISSAID’s funding. The majority of our funds are ring-fenced for projects in developing countries (65%) and are used exclusively for work in the Southern Hemisphere. A small quota, 14 %, is allocated to support publicity and to raise awareness amongst people in Switzerland.

SWISSAID meets all the accounting regulations defined by ZEWO and in the Swiss NPO Code, guaranteeing that donated funds are dealt with meticulously. SWISSAID submits its accounts in accordance with the SWISS GAAP FER 21 / Core-FER regulations. An external auditor checks the accounts during an interim and final review. SWISSAID subjects itself voluntarily to the more stringent ordinary auditing practices and standardised reporting in the ICS (Internal Control System) area in particular.

Appreciation of our work

Local authorities, cantons, town and city councils, foundations and, above all, thousands of donors throughout Switzerland supported us generously in 2019, contributing the lion’s share of our financial resources. A big thank-you to you all! We consider this support to be proof of people’s trust in the work that we do and a mandate from them to implement the projects even more effectively and efficiently. Handling financial resources carefully is very important to SWISSAID. We continually support our partner organisations in developing countries in steps to improve the quality of their administrative processes. This leads to improved financial supervision of the projects and increased transparency.

Audit reports (DE)

Decisive advantages in the long term

SWISSAID invests continuously in these processes. While the individual steps might seem modest, this progress will make a difference in the long run.

The clear division of duties between the Bern branch office and SWISSAID field offices in the Southern Hemisphere prevents duplication of work. Continual monitoring, according to business management principles, is undertaken to check that projects are conducted efficiently and fundraising measures are worthwhile. Yet professional management and project monitoring, controls and quality assurance, fundraising itself and transparent accounting represent an important investment in the future both for the foundation and for our partners in the South.

Most important resource: the employees

SWISSAID has a workforce of around 190 people around the world, 40 of them in Bern and Lausanne. In the countries of the South SWISSAID works mainly with local specialists and refrains generally from bringing in expensive experts from Switzerland.

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