With a sponsorship for climate or women, you will be supporting a series of thematically structured projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Sponsors are the backbone of our project work: thanks to your long-term investment, impoverished people are given a future to look forward to. For just one franc a day, you can make a lasting improvement in their lives.

As a sponsor

  • you will support the thematic project work that is particularly close to your heart from CHF 360 per year
  • you will receive an annual sponsorship report and be informed about the progress of the projects
  • you can choose the frquency of your sponsorship payment and cancel it at a month’s notice
  • your donation is particularly valuable, because the administrative costs for us are low

Climate sponsorships take away the hunger

Hunger is an issue for the countryside rahter than the city. In our partner countries, many smallholder farmers cannot harvest enough to feed their families. The climate crisis makes their situation even more precarious. As a sponsor, you will support these farming families until their fields yield enough, thanks to organic farming, and they are equipped to deal with climatic changes. Thank you very much!

Organic sponsorship

Thanks to organic farming, the fields of smallholder farmers can finally yield enough to feed the whole family.

Women's sponsorships for strong women

Fetching water, cooking, working in the fields, raising children – in many countries, women slave from early morning to late at night. Nevertheless, they are especially often affected by hunger, poverty and violence. If you supports women as a sponsor, you help a whole family. Thank you very much! dsf as

Women's sponsorship

Women are particularly affected by hunger, poverty and violence. With a women's sponsorship you can strengthen the women in our projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America