You can support small farming families in the fight against hunger, give hope and provide life-saving water by enabling the construction of wells, or create perspectives by specifically promoting and training women and young people. And you will be standing up for disadvantaged minorities – for social justice – for peace. You can contribute to a specific project or finance it in its entirety. Contact us without obligation and we will find the project that best suits your values.


  • Experienced: SWISSAID has been an established partner in Swiss development cooperation since 1948.
  • Independent: SWISSAID is not associated with any denomination, party or ideology.
  • Empowering: SWISSAID consistently pursues the strategy of “helping people to help themselves”.

    SWISSAID's priorities

    On our topic pages you will find detailed information and projects concerning

    and our focus areas:

    How SWISSAID works

    • Our country offices are mainly managed by local experts
    • They work closely with partner organisations on the ground and support the implementation of the projects
    • Beneficiaries must demonstrate their own initiative and invest their own resources
    • The quality and impact of the projects are regularly monitored by the country offices, Swiss headquarters and external experts
    • We work closely with the Agency for Development and Cooperation of the Swiss Confederation (SDC)
    • Internal and external audits ensure that funds str used correctly
    • SWISSAID has been awarded the ZEWO quality seal

    SWISSAID offers you

    • Support/advice in the decision-making process for programme or project financing
    • Tailor-made project proposals (investment opportunities)
    • Regular exchange of information (by telephone, in person)
    • Regular information on project details
    • Annual reporting on project progress (narrative and financial)
    • On request: provision of image and film material and further information

    Who trusts SWISSAID

    Selected references:

    Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Fédération genevoise de coopération (FGC), Fédération vaudoise de coopération (FEDEVACO), Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)

    Cantons and cities:

    Cantons of Aargau, Basel City, Bern; cities of Zug and Zurich

    Companies and foundations:

    Atinova AG, Leopold Bachmann Foundation, Charisma Foundation for Sustainable Development, Corymbo Foundation, Client Systems AG, Däster Schild Foundation, Stiftung Drittes Millennium, Dorave Foundation, Symphasis Charitable Foundation, Gebauer Foundation, Georg Fischer Bicentenary Foundation, Medicor Foundation, Maiores Foundation, Migros Genossenschafts-Bund, Temperatio Foundation, Von Duhn Foundation