Our Vision

A world where hunger does not belong and where even the poorest can lead a healthy, dignified and autonomous life.

Our Mission

We create fair and lasting solutions to fight against the global food crisis. We empower women, especially women in agriculture, to eradicate hunger.

We are committed to bringing about an ecological turning point in agriculture, and we support people in developing countries with the production and marketing of their products, all while preserving resources. In doing so, we improve biodiversity and we fight against climate change.

So that even the poorest can be autonomous and have access to healthy food.


Our approach

SWISSAID attaches great importance to working directly with the local population. In each of the nine countries in which we are active, an office made up almost exclusively of local employees coordinates the various projects. These professionals have excellent knowledge of the country, the different dialects and the culture of the respective regions. This is an important prerequisite for the smooth running of the projects. The offices work closely with local partners, NGOs as well as the public and private sectors, and thus implement the projects efficiently and diligently.