Droughts, storms, floods: the effects of climate change are exacerbating poverty and hunger. The inhabitants of the countries of the South are the first victims of these disruptions. SWISSAID is committed to strengthening the autonomy of farmers and their resilience in the face of these climatic challenges.

In the project countries where SWISSAID is active, the consequences of climate change can be painfully seen and felt. Changing and irregular seasons. Severe weather events such as heavy rain or droughts. They damage harvests and sometimes destroy entire regions, leaving people without a livelihood. Rural regions are particularly affected.

In order to strengthen the resilience of farming families, we are committed to introducing effective and sustainable solutions. We support farmers in the introduction of new agroecological methods. And we support them in preserving traditional, local seeds. At the same time, we continue to exert our political influence in Switzerland and the South in order to achieve long-term solutions and a more sensible use of raw materials.