20.11.2020. On Tuesday evening 10 p.m. local time “Iota” hit Nicaragua as hurricane of the highest level 5. Only two weeks after the devastating hurricane “Eta”, “Iota” has left many shelters – thousands of people are homeless.

“Rivers have burst their banks all over the country and the food harvest has been destroyed,” reports Lucia Aguirra, head of the coordination office in Nicaragua. She last experienced the last comparable storm in 1998 with “Mitch”. “Iota” has destroyed bridges, cut off communications to communities, caused landslides and claimed human lives. At least 6,700 in our project regions have been severely affected by the hurricane. Among them are many young people and children who have lost a roof over their heads and their food supply. There is a threat of poverty, hunger and disease.

Picture credits: Oswaldo Rivas/REUTERS

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