Niger: Programme Overview and Projects

  • “Home-grown seeds give life”

    “Home-grown seeds give life”

    Colourful diversity and brisk trading: anybody who takes a quick look at the seed exchange in Niamey would hardly suspect the serious background to events. Locally-grown seeds are at risk in Niger. And that means the food security of many local farmers is also in danger.
  • Now happily doing their business

    Now happily doing their business

    On 19 November, it is World Toilet Day. What many people may smile about has a serious background: sanitation systems are in scarce supply in impoverished countries and the consequences are devastating. For that reason, donations support the construction of latrines – and drinking water supply systems. This gives women and children more time and energy to work and learn and generally improves everyone’s health.
  • A millet variety is conquering the world

    A millet variety is conquering the world

    There is too little of everything: water, food, seed, fertile fields, even trees. This is typical of Abala region in the Sahel country of Niger. Local millet seed is the bringer of hope – the seed is appetising for humans, but the birds avoid it.