Niger, one of the world’s poorest countries, experiences repeated droughts. At the end of 2023, long months of heat were followed by heavy rains. The arid soils were unable to absorb the water, leading to flooding.

To help the population, SWISSAID initially distributed food parcels in the worst-affected regions of Niger. Between December 2023 and March 2024, an emergency project supported 1,750 vulnerable families (12,250 people) in the Dosso and Tillabéri regions with food and seeds.

Last season, thanks to SWISSAID seeds, my fields produced a reasonable quantity, but not enough to build up reserves. I wondered how I was going to survive until next season. The SWISSAID food parcels came at just the right time. My family and I will have enough to eat. I thank SWISSAID for its assistance in our village. Without SWISSAID, our grandchildren would be victims of malnutrition.

Fati Amadou , 58, widow with four children in the village of Fabidji

As I’m ill and have had three operations, I can’t work and my husband died. Before the food parcels arrived, I had nothing to eat, but my neighbors provided me with food. The SWISSAID project gave me precious help for a few weeks. We widows need help to feed our children.

Katoumi Hima, 45, widow with three children in the village of Fabidji

Food crisis in Niger

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Despite the aid, the situation remains critical. Worse still, it is likely to worsen over the coming months. In early April, SWISSAID decided to extend its emergency aid to other villages and communes in need. An additional 1,400 households (around 9,800 people) will be supported in 20 villages in the communes of Matankari, Dan-Kassari and Soucoucoutane.

Beneficiaries will be selected in the same way as in previous years, i.e. by selecting particularly vulnerable people: single mothers with dependent children, people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and the elderly. The overall aim is to strengthen family resilience.

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