Glencore in Peru

Glencore wants to push ahead with the expansion of its Antapaccay copper mine at all costs. To achieve this goal, the company is brutally evicting people from their land. In Cerro de Pasco, a zinc, lead and silver mine operated by Glencore causes extreme environmental pollution from heavy metals. Soil and groundwater are contaminated. The life expectancy of inhabitants is five years lower than in other Peruvian cities. Infant mortality is constantly increasing.

Glencore in Colombia

The entire area around Cerrjón suffers from a lack of clean drinking water due to Glencore’s mining activities. The concentration of heavy metals in the water significantly exceeds the permissible limits. The contamination makes people and animals sick.

Syngenta in India

Syngenta exports a toxic pesticide from Switzerland to India (Yavatmal), although it has long been banned in Switzerland. 800 farm workers who came into contact with the pesticide (respiratory tract) suffered severe poisoning. 20 of them died.