A total of 70 projects were carried out in our nine countries of operation, spread over three continents. As a result of Covid, SWISSAID had to adjust several of its programmes to meet the challenges encountered on the ground. Hygiene kits, seeds, information sessions to combat misinformation or the distribution of basic necessities – new measures have been introduced to help the most disadvantaged. With the support of Swiss Solidarity, SWISSAID and its partners were also able to provide emergency aid in Nicaragua and Chad.

Thanks to its expertise and experience in agro-ecology, our foundation has supported several small farmers in the South in their transition to this sustainable method of agriculture, which is free of synthetic pesticides, promotes biodiversity and is more resilient to global warming. In Ecuador, where the crisis has highlighted the heavy dependence of peasant families on industrial agriculture, SWISSAID and peasants in the Andes have set up small community greenhouses and distributed seedlings which have enabled many families to be fed healthily.

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Numbers speak volumes: Behind every number are fates, tears of joy, suffering and the belief in a better future. Thanks to you, dear donors, our work is only possible. Thank you very much!

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Unfortunately, the fears expressed at the beginning of the pandemic about increasing food insecurity are being confirmed. Accordingly, the second goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, “No Hunger,” is receding into the distance. To meet the great challenge of our time, we are strengthening our commitment to agroecology, food sovereignty and gender equality together with five other Swiss organizations in the new alliance Sufosec (Sustainable Food Systems and Empowered Communities). This is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). We also continued our awareness and advocacy work in Switzerland, because we are convinced that together we are all part of the solution.


“The volume of donations for our work in the Global South has improved despite the problems people in Switzerland had to deal with last year. We are grateful for this support.” Markus Allemann, Executive Director of SWISSAID.

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