“The volume of donations for our engagement in the Global South has improved despite the problems people in Switzerland had to deal with last year. We are grateful for this support,” emphasises Markus Allemann, SWISSAID’s Executive Director. A total of 70 projects were implemented in our nine countries of operation.

“Our staff were able to react quickly and early to the pandemic situation in an appropriate manner. Some projects were postponed, adapted and others implemented despite everything,” says Monika Uhlmann, Head of Finance and Logistics at SWISSAID. Specific measures were taken to help the people worst affected by the health and economic crisis, such as the distribution of hygiene items, food parcels and seeds. However, many challenges remain: The pandemic has further exacerbated social inequalities and hunger is unfortunately still on the rise.

Tackling the challenges together

SWISSAID will therefore step up its commitment to agroecology, food sovereignty and equality. It is doing this together with five other Swiss organisations in the new alliance Sufosec (Sustainable Food Systems and Empowered Communities), which is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

SWISSAID is also continuing its awareness-raising and advocacy work in Switzerland, as it is convinced that everyone must be part of the solution together in order to tackle the major challenges of our time.

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