Whether due to the lack of transparency in the commodity trade, the globally unjust distribution of Covid therapeutics or the disproportionate ecological footprint: as a rich country, Switzerland often plays a less than laudable role in the huge challenges of our time. With your help we have therefore spent the past year working to ensure that Switzerland takes its share of responsibility for peace, stability and sustainable development. By promoting local food systems through agroecology on the ground, and strengthening the concept in Switzerland. By working for peace and human rights in the forgotten conflicts in our nine partner countries. Or by ensuring greater transparency in the gold trade in Switzerland.

Especially in times of great uncertainty, we must not shy away from our responsibility, but initiate positive changes wherever we can have an impact. We’ll keep going – with your solidarity.

Our sincerest thanks for your support during this difficult time!


Since 2019, Fabian Molina and Bastienne Joerchel are the co-presidents of the Foundation. They ensure the adherence to the Foundation’s guidelines and oversee the most important decisions. The complementarity of these two personalities allows SWISSAID to integrate diverse and inclusive viewpoints and competences.