Ein Porträt von Dayana Lopez

The reforester

“I grew up among these trees, but I have to admit: I had no clue of them. Now I can easily identify their species. On excursions, we collect seeds from strong, robust trees, and back at school we separate the good seeds from the bad. We plant the seedlings outdoors, water them and look after them.”

Dayana, 23, runs the association “Mi Arbol Sabanero” in Los Palmitos. As a newsletter subscriber, you can find out what climate problems the region is struggling with. And how young people are working tirelessly to combat them. Furthermore, we present two other projects in which people from our partner countries show how they are preparing themselves against climate change.

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The climate crisis is here – and its consequences are becoming increasingly noticeable. While there are still isolated extreme events in our latitudes, such as those currently occurring in Ticino and Valais, heavy rainfall, floods and droughts are already the new normal in the Global South. Crop failures and hunger are the result.

We do have solutions. With your donation, you support SWISSAID and thus the people on the ground in actively opposing climate change – and becoming more resilient to the consequences. All donations flow into the organic farming fund and thus into projects for climate protection and adaptation to climate change.

For example, with 60 francs you can finance 160 seedlings for a tree nursery in Colombia

With 100 francs you can finance, for example, initial training in agroecology for 10 Indian female farmers

For example, with 200 francs you can finance an watering kit for 4 farming families in Tanzania

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