At the beginning of October 2019 conflicts broke out between the indigenous population, represented by their umbrella organisation (CONAIE), and the Ecuadorian government. The reasons were the announcement of new budget cuts, labour law reforms and the increase in fuel prices. Dissatisfaction with the new economic measures has mobilised more than 25,000 indigenous people, as well as various trade union, popular, student and civil society organisations. On eleven consecutive days, the demonstrations led to road closures, traffic chaos, disruption of university teaching and work stoppages.

According to the mediation office, 1192 people were arrested, 1340 injured and 9 killed. The CONAIE condemned the human rights violations and the excessive use of state forces.

At present, the situation seems to have calmed down a bit. The government and demonstrators are trying to enter into dialogue with each other. In the meantime, the population is mourning their dead and the police are trying to find those responsible for the riots. -translated with DeepL