Goal achieved! Thanks to you, we have collected 5,880 Swiss francs with our puzzle campaign. With this money, we can assist the people in Niger. Thank you very much for your solidarity! But the people in Niger still need our help until the life-saving autumn harvest.

About the SWISSAID puzzle campaign

We wanted to fill two puzzles by mid-August 2022 so that we could provide at least 150 families with food parcels until the autumn harvest.

We reached our goal at the end of August 2022 – thanks to you!

The puzzle campaign is over, but the people in Niger still need our help. We must not abandon them. You can continue to donate for them. The red button in the top right-hand corner will take you directly to the donation form. The donation will go entirely to our emergency aid project in Niger.

Donate now and save lives!

«When SWISSAID distributed the food parcels, we hadn’t eaten for days. I say thank you!» Rakia Magaji, 55, mother of six children and beneficiary in Kiéché.

Our emergency aid in Niger

For six months now, we have been providing emergency aid in the south of Niger. Thanks to numerous donations from our loyal supporter, we have been able to assist 49,000 people in crisis. Another 16,800 people will soon receive urgently needed food and seeds.

The decisive and rapid action is having an effect: SWISSAID was able to distribute food parcels and provide people with seeds for fast-growing cereals and vegetables. Thanks to the aid measures, the fields have now been planted with new seeds. The harvest season begins in autumn. Until then, the situation remains critical. More food parcels are urgently needed to ensure that the people do not starve until the life-saving harvest.

We are currently working at full speed to organise a seed fair to promote and distribute local seeds. Beneficiaries like Rakia Magaji will receive vouchers to buy seeds there.

Your donation also has a sustainable effect. The seeds are robust and of high quality, so that the people in Niger are better prepared for extreme climatic events.