Emergency aid for people in Niger

Conflicts and climate change: In Niger, many people are threatened by hunger. We help quickly and unbureaucratically by distributing food and seeds. Help us! With 80 CHF or four puzzle pieces, you can provide a family with food parcels until the life-saving autumn harvest. The donation form is in german but very simple to use. Thank you for your precious help.

About the puzzle

The goal

Two full puzzles by mid-August. This will allow us to provide 150 families with food parcels until the life-saving autumn harvest.

How it works

Choose the number of puzzle pieces you would like to donate, enter your name and whether you would like to give your donation as a gift. You will then receive a corresponding certificate. After the payment process, your puzzle pieces will be revealed on the puzzle.

You don’t want to do the puzzle, but still donate to the people in Niger?

No problem. The red button at the top right will take you directly to the donation form. These donations will also go entirely to our emergency aid project in Niger.

Our emergency aid in Niger

Since the beginning of the year, we have been asking for support for the people in Niger who are threatened by starvation. Thanks to numerous donations from our loyal supporters, we were able to respond immediately.

The decisive and rapid action is having an effect: SWISSAID has so far been able to distribute over 5,000 food parcels and provide 35,000 people with seeds for fast-growing cereals and vegetables.

Thanks to the aid measures, the fields have now been planted with new seeds. The harvest season begins in autumn. Until then, the situation remains critical. More food parcels are urgently needed so that the people do not starve until the saving harvest.

We are so close to the goal and must not abandon these people in Niger now. Help us now to support the starving families.

Donate now and save lives!