Our food system, from production to consumption, no longer serves our health or that of the planet. The Agroecology Days show that it is possible to do things differently: together, we make visible and celebrate the diversity of agroecological solutions for sustainable agriculture and healthy food. During the whole month of October, numerous organizations, associations and individuals with a link to agroecology will present their visions and projects throughout Switzerland.

Info and program

Selection of events

The purpose of the Agroecology Days is to raise awareness and understanding of the sometimes complicated concept of agroecology. Among the many events organized, you will be able to participate in some events where we are present.

3.10 – Launch of the Days

The Agroecology Days will open at the ZHAW University in Wädenswil. On this occasion, Simon Degelo, seed manager at SWISSAID, will participate in the podium on the diversity of agroecology. He will share the discussion with other people who are committed to the practice and research of agroecology (in German).

16.10 – World Food Day

On this occasion, a conference is organized in Zurich around the question: how to change the food habits to achieve a more sustainable food system? More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and by 2050, this proportion is expected to increase to two thirds: two out of three people will live in (mega) cities. Thus, cities must be the drivers of efforts to build sustainable food systems.

On the same day, the Sufosec alliance – Sustainable Food Systems and Empowered Communities, a coalition of 6 organizations of which SWISSAID is a member – will publish its Global Nutrition Report 2022. Report available in French, German and English.

21.10 – Webinar

On October 21, the Sufosec alliance is organizing a webinar in English entitled “Does Africa suffer more because of Ukraine war? An opportunity to understand the impact of the war in Ukraine and the urgent need for food sovereignty.

25.10 – New gene technology

On October 25, SWISSAID, in collaboration with SAG (the Alliance for Genetically Unmodified Agriculture), will hold a conference entitled: New genetic technology or farmer’s selection: which seeds for a climate-friendly agriculture? It will question the quick solutions proposed by genetic engineering: are they sustainable? Are they really solutions? And if not, what direction should our agriculture take?

31.10 – Closing

The Days will end with an exchange in English with the countries of the South . The objective is to develop and strengthen strategies in Switzerland and beyond, in order to accelerate an agro-ecological transition, as a solution to many current crises.

And many more..

In addition to the conferences and discussions, Sufosec also offers online workshops in French (October 4), Spanish (October 11) and English (October 18 ) on the application of promising agroecological practices by farmers in the South. In addition, throughout the month of October, various organizations are joining forces to present local plant seedlings at an exhibition at the Grüenhölzli in Zurich.

Many other events are expected. Do not hesitate to visit the page of the Days. Its program is growing day by day!