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Badge 2023

These lanterns are handmade in a workshop of the organisation Noah’s Ark in Moradabad in the north of India. This Fairtrade-certified company is committed to fair working conditions and a fair market. The interests and the health of the craftspeople take precedence over profit.

With their warm candlelight, the filigree lanterns exude an atmospheric ambience and bring light into the darkness.

Children united for those in need - for 75 years!

The history of SWISSAID is closely linked to the trinket sale. As early as 1948, the year the organisation was founded, children all over the country sold trinkets in the shape of a Swiss cross entwined with four hearts. Over the past 75 years, 1.5 million children have helped with the popular trinket sale and raised around 75 million Swiss francs. With this money, we have helped countless suffering families around the world over the years. In the anniversary year 2023, this tradition is more important than ever. Because of the pandemic, climate change and various conflicts, more people are at risk of hunger again.

Take part in the 2023 trinket sale with your class and help us to eradicate hunger in the world! In doing so, you will not only be sending out a great sign of solidarity, but will also be filling your class coffers. In the anniversary year, you will also benefit from attractive surprises and exclusive offers.

This is how the badges are produced

Information for teachers

Each box you order from us contains 20 small works of art and costs 120 francs – this corresponds to a selling price of six francs per piece.

10% of the proceeds go to your class fund, you can use it for an excursion, for example. For you as a teacher the participation is risk-free and uncomplicated. Unsold badges will be taken back without further ado. The order will be delivered to the school building on the desired date together with exciting teaching material.

What your students learn

The direct sales from person to person is a valuable experience for the students and promotes important skills in a playful way. The badge sale offers your class a great and educational experience and brings other benefits such as:

  • Promotion of social skills: Civil courage and solidarity
  • Promotion of methodological competencies: Money management
  • Promotion of personal skills: Fun to help
  • 10% of the proceeds may be withheld for the class fund
  • No financial risk: unsold badges are taken back
  • A little thank-you note for every child
  • Accident insurance for children during the sale
  • Free teaching material for one school lesson

Every class counts!

The badge sale

  • generates 10% of our donation income
  • generates about 1 million francs
  • helps 100’000 people in developing countries

The value of SWISSAID badge sales is also demonstrated by the fact that the President of the Swiss Confederation takes time each year to visit four school classes who have sold badges.

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