SWISSAID at a glance

We are inspired and motivated by a vision of a just and peaceful world that celebrates diversity. We strive for a future for our children and grandchildren that is worth living, without hunger and poverty, violence and war.

Our principles:

  • SWISSAID supports “self-help projects” for indigenous population groups suffering the deepest poverty.
  • Local organisations implement our projects with the support of local people in the countries concerned.
  • SWISSAID has a high regard for local knowledge and works mainly with local experts (not with Swiss expats).
  • Focus of our projects: preventing hunger, ecologically sustainable agriculture, secure water supply, specialist training courses and enhanced awareness, marketing (advocacy + empowerment).
  • Women receive special support in these project areas.

SWISSAID is active in nine countries and in Switzerland:

  • Asia: India and Myanmar (Burma)
  • Africa: Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Tanzania and Chad
  • Latin America: Ecuador, Colombia and Nicaragua
  • Switzerland: Public relations projects and development policies
  • Worldwide 151 people work for SWISSAID, including 38 staff in Switzerland