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Update: The 5th puzzle is full

Thank you for your goat donation! With this amount we can support smallholder women farmers in Chad with 500 goats. Help us fill the 6th puzzle and give a family a way out of poverty.

Help farmers like Marthe Tchere

Marthe Tchere from Bokyo in Chad was one of the first to join SWISSAID’s goat project. Thanks to the animals, she can now feed her family, earn her own money and send her children to school. And she is also respected by the men in the village. She tells us how her life has improved in the long term thanks to the goats. To her story.


How the goats help

The robust goats are made for the barren regions of Chad, which are marked by the climate crisis. During the rainy season they graze in the village, during the dry season in the mountains. The goats’ milk provides the children in particular with vital nutrients such as protein and calcium.

Due to soil erosion and the loss of the humus layer, the fields of the smallholder families yield less and less. Goat dung used as compost makes the soil fertile again and stimulates the growth of arable plants. This ensures high-yield harvests and full plates.

By breeding and selling young animals, the smallholder women earn their own income. This enables them not only to buy food, but also to send their children to school.

Donate once, help twice

Our asset manager Arete Ethik Invest doubled your donation up to a donation amount of CHF 20,000! The doubled donation amount also flows into the project in Chad and can, for example, be spent additionally on feed, vaccinations or stables. The same applies to donations received after 500 goats have already been donated.


We are all part of the solution!

With agroecology and the focus on gender equality, we have effective means to fight hunger. But we are convinced that the great challenges of this time can only be tackled together. We are all part of the solution: the smallholder farmer in Chad, the donor in Switzerland, the politician in Bern. SWISSAID puts the various parts together. So that the vision of a world without hunger becomes reality. Piece by piece.

Changing the picture on hunger