The importance of agriculture for the Tanzanian economy is immeasurable – the annual agricultural exhibition “Nanenane” acknowledges this. This year, a team from SWISSAID Tanzania is taking part for the first time.

17 farmers, who all took part in the SWISSAID workshop for agroecology, tirelessly presented agroecological techniques to the more than 1,400 visitors. “I can now produce twice as much”, said farmer Theresia Mpunga (56). “I was even able to earn an income and thus blue-print a small log cabin.”

Many visitors heard about agroecology for the first time at the SWISSAID stand, such as Shabani Libaba (60): “I will try out at home what I have learned here – but first I want to get my colleagues to visit the SWISSAID stand before the exhibition is over”

Of the 200 participating organisations, the SWISSAID team was the only one to present agro-ecological farming methods. This was impressive: the organisers awarded SWISSAID Tanzania first prize. “A great pleasure for the team and the farmers”, said Nicholaus Johaness, agricultural expert from SWISSAID Tanzania. “We will celebrate this in style.”