Bastienne Joerchel’s term of office as Co-President of SWISSAID and member of the Executive Board came to an end at the SWISSAID General Assembly on 6 June, as stipulated in the Regulations of the SWISSAID Foundation. On this occasion, all members of the Assembly warmly applauded her and thanked her for her twelve years of commitment as a member of SWISSAID, including five years as Co-President.

In his thank-you speech, Fabian Molina, with whom she shared the presidency for five years, recalled the humanist values that Bastienne Joerchel conveyed throughout her time in office. «Dear Bastienne, you have shaped SWISSAID. You have always emphasized good leadership, a pleasant atmosphere, humanitarian values and recognition of the outstanding work of the Foundation’s many employees and members. “I believe in collective intelligence”, you once said. And that is what you have always tried to exemplify».

Fabian Molina will take over the presidency of SWISSAID alone in future. He admits that he will miss the incredible team that he and Bastienne have formed over the past five years, but he remains highly motivated. Together with seven other members of the Executive Board, he will face the challenges that are looming on the horizon, such as the Federal Council’s dangerous budget cuts in development cooperation.

Bastienne Joerchel, Director of the Centre Social Protestant (CSP) Vaud, will continue to support SWISSAID as a member of the Board of Foundation. SWISSAID is pleased that her extensive experience and knowledge will remain with the Foundation and will therefore continue to be available in the future. In this way, she will continue to bring to life the collective intelligence that will lead us to a world without hunger.

A huge thank you, Bastienne!