Myanmar (Burma): Programme Overview and Projects

A new rice cultivation method: hard work, but successful
If improving rice cultivation is successful using simple methods, plenty can be achieved in the fight against hunger. In Myanmar (Burma) the farmers are well on the way to this.
Ensuring the work bears fruit
Life is not easy for the rural population in Kachin state in Myanmar: the fields are producing low crop yields and expensive loans are driving the farmers deeper and deeper into debt. The farmers report how they are able to make ends meet thanks to SWISSAID.
New arrivals in the pigsty: more and more families are acquiring a lucky pig!
The conflict between the Burmese army and the Kachin Independence Army is making it even more of a challenge to implement SWISSAID projects in northern Myanmar. Yet there are some rays of hope: thanks to the success of animal rearing projects, more and more farmers are assured a new and sustainable living.
“Talk doesn’t cook rice!”
“Talk doesn’t cook rice” is an old Asian proverb. Yet sometimes modern life contradicts ancient wisdom. Take for example the impoverished farmers in Myanmar (Burma): they managed to get enough to eat thanks to their initiative, discussion rounds and power of endurance. A success story.
Patience rewarded with rice: sustainable cultivation methods boost revenue
In search of rapid results, farmers in Kachin State resorted to chemical fertilisers and pesticides. But they also caused severe damage to the soil. With the support of the local SWISSAID partner, farmers in north Myanmar are learning how to cultivate rice in a more eco-friendly, sustainable and profitable way.
A buffalo – always an auspicious start
A little can go a long way in Myanmar (Burma). SWISSAID is building on previous successes in the north and now supports a project in Shan State through which the poorest farmers receive a buffalo – and the animal changes their lives!
Savings in the piggy bank: landless farmers can start to rear piglets
The civil war put paid to traditional rice cultivation in Kachin State. The SWISSAID partner organisation wants to give farmers a new means of existence with projects to rear pigs, buffalo and chickens. The condition is that everyone takes part in the projects together.