Executive Director

Markus Allemann

Markus Allemann lives with his partner and children in Solothurn, Switzerland, and commutes to Berne. His favourite leisure pursuits are hiking, photography and cookery.

He graduated from the University of Lugano with an Executive Master of Science in Communications Management. However, his talent is for practical activity rather than the theory. He worked for many years as a freelance journalist and was a co-founder of an ecological housing cooperative in the Jura mountains: “My first tentative steps in grassroots democracy.” During the 1990s, he joined the Federal Office of Public Health where he led successful campaigns. From 2006, he set new standards in campaigning with Greenpeace Switzerland, and from 2008 he influenced the organisation’s activities as Co-Executive Director. For one year, he was head of the South-East Asia Greenpeace office in Bangkok.

Since 1 April 2018, Markus Allemann is the Managing Director of SWISSAID.