• Water for everyone

    Water for everyone

    Peace can prevail in Colombia if there is greater fairness in the distribution of land and water. Therefore, SWISSAID supports whole communities in defending the access they have secured to the valuable water supply.
  • Organic farming puts an end to hunger

    Organic farming puts an end to hunger

    There and back in a dugout canoe: The farmers of Bahía Solana have a long way to go to get rice in their cooking pots and on their plates – and it all begins with a simple canoe on Colombia’s Pacific coast.
  • Bananitos: small, tasty and profitable

    Bananitos: small, tasty and profitable

    The small bananas are popular among the urban middle classes in Buenaventura, who stock up on them in the supermarket. The delicacy is grown close to the capital by innovative peasant farmers, safeguarding their own future.
  • Cardamom – the fine alternative

    Cardamom – the fine alternative

    Cultivating cardamom offers many farmers in Colombia a way out of the misery of coffee production. Cardamom is not a native spice used in Colombian cuisine – it is a major export product.