Farmer managed seed systems in Latin America

The SWISSAID supported campaign “Semillas de Identidad” boosts agroecological farmer led seed production, sets up community seed banks, connects seed savers in networks, helps farmers to breed new varieties and assures the seed quality using Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS). In this way, local smallholder farmers make an important contribution to preserve agrobiodiversity and to adapt their farming systems to climate change. A new publication summarises the results achieved over many years.

Biodiversity for food and agriculture is being lost worldwide, the effects of climate change are devastating, and the seed monopoly of a few transnational corporations is growing: the conservation and promotion of seed diversity is of great importance here. The SWISSAID campaign "Semillas de Identidad" from Nicaragua and Colombia promotes agro-ecological seed production, establishes farmers' seed banks, networks seed producers, helps farmers to breed new varieties and ensures seed quality through participatory guarantee systems (PGS).

Through their work, farmers demonstrate that their agro-ecologically cultivated seeds adapt particularly well to different climatic and ecological conditions. With innovative approaches such as the Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS), they can also demonstrate that the farm seeds meet the quality requirements of the farming families and the market.

The farmers' seed banks and their networks make a great contribution to food sovereignty and the conservation of plant genetic resources. A model that has a future worldwide. A new publication summarises the results achieved over many year

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