To the Digital Trinket Challenge

Once again, more and more people are going hungry, as a result of the climate crisis and armed conflict – they urgently need our support. As of last year, you and your school class can get involved in helping needy families digitally, direct from the classroom.
Thank you for fighting against hunger with your class!


Information for teachers

  • As a teacher, you will find plenty of chances to link up with learning content that is required by Curriculum 21. The campaign promotes students’ media competence and their knowledge of development cooperation.
    We provide knowledge in an attractive form!
  • The fundraising campaign can be set up quickly. Students can write texts, shoot videos or take pictures, in line with their individual abilities, and post them on the donation page or in their own network.
    Using media – but in a meaningful way!
  • With their campaign, your students are helping people suffering from hunger and the climate crisis in the Global South to help themselves.
    Solidarity also needs to be learned!
  • They can keep back 10% of the proceeds for their class kitty.
    This is always welcome – right?
  • If you don’t reach the donation goal, it doesn’t matter: we consider it a success that you took part – and you should do the same! You will receive a certificate, and of course the 10% will be paid out to your class kitty.
    Every initiative counts as a success!

And this is how it works:


The value of the Digital Trinket Challenge

If you know about all the phenomena that the Internet has already produced, you would rather keep children away from it for life – this is no less understandable than it’s impossible. That’s why children need to learn how to use digital media safely and responsibly. To do this, they need guidance – but also the opportunity to try things out in a protected setting.