Promoting local knowledge
The strategic goal of our Ecuador programme is to support self-administered, sustainable development of the villages SWISSAID is working with. Specifically, our priorities are:
  • Supporting local knowledge
  • Improving  the basic food supply situation with sustainable, organic farming
  • Managing natural resources
  • Improving the economic and social situation of women
  • Developing alternative economic and social structures

We support projects in the following areas:

  • Organic farming
  • Sustainable use of soil, forests and water
  • Supporting women
“Mama Pacha is generous – if we treat her well!”
‘Mama Pacha’, the personification of ‘Mother Earth’ and goddess of fertility, is highly revered in the Ecuadorian Andes. She is a giver of life in every sense – in the form of plentiful harvests for example. But the farmers must play their part too and take good care of the soil. SWISSAID supports them in this.
A business start-up in an Andes village: by no means a backwater
A small stand at the village market and always the same things on offer – that’s how things used to be. The small farmers in the Ecuadorian Highlands are now writing a business plan, and thanks to their joint marketing organisation they even sell organic products in the capital city.
No water without environmental protection
The farming families in the Andes suffer from hunger because their small fields produce too little. Moderate ecological cultivation techniques, irrigation and the preservation of the highland plains will help to create a better future.
Nothing works without water
In one of the poorest areas of Ecuador, in parts of the province of Chimborazo, the peasant farmers with SWISSAID's help are creating water supplies and turning to mixed cultures instead of monocultures.